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Not Myself Today

Scattered Squirrel: Not Myself Today

April 19, 2012

Not Myself Today

This is one of those random posts I warned you about!

I just received and email from Chapters Indigo, about an awareness campaign called "Not Myself Today".  The idea behind this campaign is to allow people to show their support for improving mental health in Canada.

I just wanted to pass the word on.  I do believe that this is an area that needs more attention, not just in Canada, but all over the world.  Our mental health has such a forceful impact on our daily lives, and too many times we over look its importance.  So,I thought I would share the site with you all, check it out if you want too.

Not Myself Today

I hope today finds you all well.  For now I'm off to slave away with the yard, walls and windows.... perhaps, one day, my arms and shoulders might forgive me.  :-)


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