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One Down, a Million to Go!

Scattered Squirrel: One Down, a Million to Go!

March 19, 2012

One Down, a Million to Go!

First, I would just like to say I'm sorry I didn't get these posted on Friday.  I got hit with a nasty migraine that afternoon, and got busy with the family during the weekend.  But I did get my first "Operation Move" project finished.  I opted to start with the Paper Crap, lol, and this is what I was starting with.


I removed all the random items, and put them in their proper homes.  Then I sorted through all the papers in the bottom pic, and put them back in their proper homes, since these are ones I use frequently, their homes are usually close at hand.  Next up, I went through all our files, and weeded out anything that wasn't needed. Good bye old outdated bills, if I can find the info online, I don't need to keep it.  Other than current bills in our "Finance" binder, all the other ones are in the shred bag, and non important items are in the recycle pile.  So what did I end up keeping:

6 years worth of tax records, plus this years stuff, marriage and birth certificates, medical records, financial and legal documents, and the home insurance policy.  Basically, the important, keep forever or at least keep for as long as you have _____, stuff.  These are files I don't need access to on a regular basis, but might need access to for one reason or another.  Here is what I was left with:


All our important papers are contained into one accordion folder.  I LOVE that!  I use sticky notes to label the sections, since this is where I'm keeping our tax records, I wanted the labels to be flexible.

Remember my file crate from the before pics?  Here it is!  So much room left.  The stuff on the left side of the crate is stuff my Grandmother wrote.  It's awaiting a document box.  And that mess up front is all of the owners manuals for what we own.  I'm working on an idea or two for dealing with those, but for now, while not pretty, they are contained, and again, in one spot!

And finally, here are the drawers and the basket.  Pretty much empty, except for empty hanging files and some folders.  I was going to toss them out, but we have a teen who is going to be needing to set up his own file system soon, and I have plans for some of the other ones.  We do have a small file cabinet that can store these.  Right now it's not in use, and I'm thinking our teen might light it in his new room when we move.

And that bring us to the end of the files.   Other than these one I have my short term files store in a small file box, but I think that is another post for another day.

I sure hope everyone is doing great!!!  We've reached no conclusion on the job offer yet..... wish us luck on that one.  I have a feeling it's going to be part informed decision part of leap of faith if we take it.  While I'm on that topic, the MMB (Move Management Binder) is slowly coming together.  I'll share some pics later on this week, and if all goes well, another printable too!  :-)  

Have a wonderful week every one!!!!

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