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Holiday Planner and Link Party

Scattered Squirrel: Holiday Planner and Link Party

November 30, 2012

Holiday Planner and Link Party

Hi everyone!  Happy last day of November.  I can't believe that the year has gone by so fast.  The final countdown to Christmas starts tomorrow, and I got my planner put together just in time!

I want my Holidays planner to be something that I can use year after year, and I tried to keep that in mind when I created the printables for it.  I want it to act as a family reference book, as much as I want it to act as a planner.  Like all good reference books, I needed to keep the ability to customize and add to it.  Keeping all of that in mind, I gathered up my supplies.

My Supply List:

  • Binder
  • Page Protectors
  • Divider Page
  • Printables
  • Large Repossitionable  Post-It tabs
  • Medium Repossitionable Avery tabs (not shown in picture)
  • Sharpie for labeling tabs
  • Pen for filling out printables
I made the divider page by trimming scrapbook paper to fit the page protector, and added the "Christmas" label with double sided tape.  I just quickly made up the label on the computer and cut it out.

I added a Post-It tab onto the divider because I plan on adding other holidays into this planner.  I used subsection tabs across the top to make it quick and easy to find the info I need.

Because a few of the subsections were a little larger than others I added the Avery tabs to the side, again, to help make it quick and easy to get to the info I need.

Here's how I grouped everything together.

On the other side of the divider page, I tucked in the Getting Ready checklist.  I figured this one need to be right at the front.

Across from the Getting Ready checklist are my Decorations Master List.  So when I open my Christmas section, this is what I see:

I decided to follow up these with the Greeting Card Tracker.

On the other side of this printable is the Address Book printable.  (not shown) And then the next starts with the Gift Giving Tracker.

Followed by multiple pages of the Gift Buying Guide and Wishlist.

Then comes Family Favourites.  I put the Favourite Goodies and Favourite Dishes printables back to back for this one.  I think this section might grow to include more items, but I'm not sure yet. And just after those is the Food and Entertaining section.

This section started with the Holiday Menu planner followed by the Cooking Plan and Baking List...

And in the back pocket of the binder I tucked in a few copies of the Decorations Box Labels.

That's all there was to it.  It took more time to photograph than it did to put it together. 

Every time I open my planner, it makes me smile.  I feel like I'm approaching this holiday season with more of a plan, and in a strange way, having that plan, makes me feel as though I can handle the spontaneity that inevitably crops up, without fear, worry or regret, and there's nothing better than being able to drop everything for some spur of the moment seasonal fun!  

So, who's up for a link party?  I can't wait to see what holiday stuff you've been up too, and if you haven't been up to anything holiday related, that's ok too, link up another post of your choice!  There are two rules, please don't link up any give-aways, and please try to check out one or two of the other links.  That's it.  This party is open until the end of the year (December 31st, 11:59 pm PST)  Link up as many times as you would like!  It you want to link back to this post, that would totally awesome, but it's not necessary!

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At December 1, 2012 at 7:29 PM , Anonymous Hilda @ From Overwhelmed To Organized said...

This is a great planner Alli! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Seeing how you've organized it is really helpful too. Enjoy your organized month of December :)

At December 2, 2012 at 8:58 AM , Blogger Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

At December 3, 2012 at 8:14 AM , Blogger Alli said...

Hi Hilda, thanks so much. It's nice to have it all put together, and so far it's been really helping to keep me on track and a little less scattered brained this holiday season.

At December 3, 2012 at 8:22 AM , Blogger Alli said...

Welcome to Scattered Squirrel, thanks so much for following along. I was just over on your blog, had to add you to my RSS reader. Thanks for stopping by!

At December 8, 2012 at 9:28 AM , Blogger Revamp Spunky Rena said...

Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.I love DIY planner.
Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

At December 10, 2012 at 10:08 AM , Blogger Alli said...

Hi Rena, thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. I was just over checking out your blog, you have some wonderful content. I added you to my feeds! Can't wait to see some of your new posts!
Thanks so much for following!

At December 14, 2012 at 1:02 PM , Blogger Natasha SerenityYou said...

love this planner so so much!! featuring it tomorrow on Serenity Saturday @

At December 14, 2012 at 3:03 PM , Blogger Alli said...

Hi Natasha, thanks so much, for loving the planner and the feature, that's so totally, incredibly sweet of you! Thanks again!


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