December 7, 2012

Displaying Christmas Cards

It has been a super busy week here.  One of those weeks where I'm so busy I don't know how I could possibly fit in one more thing, and yet everything is sort of ticking along really nicely.  I've even been able to hop on here to share a few posts.

Earlier this week while Travis was setting up the tree, I was busy decking the halls.  Our staircase is open all the way to the second floor, and I absolutely love it!  I love how open and airy it feels when you walk in the front door.  Just like the mantel I was eager to decorate our stairs for the holiday season.  

Again, I kept it kind of simple.  Last year was the first time in 6 years that my family was able to be together for Christmas, and my Mom got to do something she has always wanted to do.  She filled stockings with little things, things we would need, things she thought we would like... and she wrapped them all separately.  Her and my Dad must have spent a month just wrapping stuff.  My favourite was the Sharpie pens she gave me!  She wrapped them in pairs, loved it!  I wasn't sure what to do with the stockings, so I thought I would hang them from the banister.  They actually fill that space really nicely.

There wasn't room for all four, I'm still looking for the right spot for the last one.  I'm totally in love with this area.  Every time I come in the front door I'm greet with a little Christmas cheer!  I was really happy to just leave it as it was, but I started thinking about Christmas cards, wondering where to put them... then I had an idea and gathered up my supplies

Don't the pushpins look like mini Christmas balls?

It was really easy to make the card display. I simply punched a hole in the card.

Then I inserted the push pin.

And attached them to the stocking.

I can't wait to add more.  Now, here is what I'm greeted with when I come in the front door.

I'm really happy with it.  There's plenty of room for more cards, and when the stockings are full, I can simply use left over ornament hangers and hang cards from the garland!  

How do you display your Christmas cards?  Do you have a special place for them?

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Anonymous said...

Your stairs look very nice. I was wondering if you would take a picture of your Christmas tree for your blog.

Alli said...

Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I am going to be posting pictures of the tree soon. We had a busy weekend enjoying some time with my parents, and one of the kids got sick.... I'll probably have that post up on Friday!
Thanks again for dropping by!

Jessi @ Practically Functional said...

What a great way to display holiday cards! We don't have a stairway or bannister or anything, but I usually hang a giant bow with a long ribbon hanging down from it on the wall each year, then use clothespins to pin the cards to the ribbon. It's a nice way to display them and the photos for the season. :-)

Alli said...

Hi Jessi, thanks! Most year I just sort of set them out on flat surfaces. This is the first year with having the stairs. I don't know why I decided to hang them on the stockings, but so far I'm really liking it. I was thinking of doing the ribbon on the wall, maybe next year. I like them on the stockings, but once I hang them up, I can't really read them anymore. Guess I didn't totally think that through lol
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty Christmas display! I recently got engaged and ended up pinning all my cards to a large fabric covered canvas I have in the hallway. It's so nice to come home to such lovely sentimental messages :) xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)

Alli said...

Hi Anna, thanks, we're pretty happy with how it turned out. That sounds like a lovely way to keep the well wishes from your nearest and dearest close, and what a lovely way to be greeted when you come in the door! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Liz Slater said...

Finally got enough cards to share our display. People seem to slow this year - myself included, mine are going out tomorrow.

Alli said...

Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by. I haven't sent mine out yet. We opted for creating our own e-card this year, so I thought I would "mail" them out this weekend. I love how you display your cards, what a great way to dress up a doorway! And I absolutely love that your kids painted the clothespins and that you want to keep them as they are! I love all the stuff our kids have made over the year. No matter what those ornaments and other decorations make their way onto the tree and around the home, even though our oldest rolls his eyes and asks me to leave them in the box. I love them, to me they are the most beautiful ones we have.
Merry Christmas,

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